Options for Vision Correction in Today's World

Millions of Americans need corrective lenses. While this can be a hassle, the good news is that today, you have quite a few options to correct any vision problems you have. Whether it's nearsightedness, astigmatism, or another condition that ails you, chances are high that there will be more than a couple choices on how to deal with your condition. Below, I will be looking at some options you have if you have problems with your vision.


woman with glasses1. Glasses
This is the oldest and perhaps most versatile way to address any problems you have. Glasses can correct just about any condition, from nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and trouble reading. You can even get bifocals to simultaneously address two conditions with a single pair of glasses. Cost-wise, glasses are very affordable, with discount glasses on the Internet selling for as little as $40. The one big disadvantage of glasses is that it has the potential to affect your appearance in an unflattering way, although this is largely subjective. Many times, you may think your appearance suffers with glasses, but if you try out different frames, you can find a pair of glasses that look quite good on you.


2. Contact Lenses
Contacts have become a popular way to address vision problems. Most commonly, it has been used to deal with nearsightedness, but today's contacts have become sophisticated, and you can correct other conditions like astigmatism, and even address reading problems. What's more, contact lenses are extremely comfortable and easy to manage. For these reasons, contacts are my favorite solution. One downside is that contact lenses cost more than glasses do. But the way I've dealt with this is by purchasing contacts from online stores like, which offers discounts on hundreds of contact lenses. I also use coupons to get things like free shipping and special bargains. Contact lenses come in different price ranges, but I personally think it's worth the extra money to buy a high-quality brand. Your eyes will thank you every day for it.


3. Lasik Surgery
The idea of getting eye surgery can be scary to many people. But keep in mind, surgeries like Lasik are among the most common and simple procedures to perform. Nevertheless, you should be aware of all the risks and potential complications. Find a few well-respected doctor in your area and make sure you get consultations from each of them. Don't choose a doctor simply because they offer the lowest price. Instead base your decision on the overall impression you get and how much you trust the expertise of a given doctor. As of this writing, Lasik surgery costs about $2000 per eye, so you'll also need to consider whether you have the financial means to afford the procedure. Given that Lasik is an elective surgery (one that's not necessary), most insurance plans will not cover it.


To maintain optimal eye health, it's important to get good nutrition. If you have not done so already, make sure you check out my article about Omega 3s. They are one of the many nutrients you should be getting to keep your eyes healthy.